Drug Company Dollars control Vaccine Injury News

(April 5, 2019) Drug company dollars control vaccine injury news. That’s not theory. It’s a fact. Virtually every mainstream news outlet in the U.S. fails to report vaccine injury facts. Children and adults can, and do, sicken and/or die as a direct result of submitting to vaccinations. The U.S. government has quietly paid out more than $4 Billion to people and their children injured or killed by vaccinations.

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So why don’t we hear about the real and actual vaccine problems?  Why don’t we all know that the US vaccine court has been compensating for cases of vaccine-induced autism since 1991? The US Department of Health and Human Services has been secretly settling cases of vaccine-caused autism without a hearing since 1991. (See Sharyl Attkisson’s:  “The Open Question on Vaccines and Autism.”)

Google, YouTube Censor Vaccine News

Google and YouTube receive billions of dollars in advertising revenue from Big Pharma vaccine machines like GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Sanofi, and Pfizer. They are now actively censoring vaccine-related injury news and videos. They simply label as “fake news” anything which displeases or threatens the profits of their vaccine-maker clients; then they throttle that “fake news” in search results or even “disappear” it from the web altogether in a manner more befitting communist China or the old Soviet Union.

Using their Congressional minions to kill net neutrality has made the whole process easier. Any and all information which threatens drug company profits is censored, period, or if it is impossible to completely censor it, that news is spun to readers and viewers in favor of industry.

Entire web sites and hundreds of vaccine injury news videos and web pages are either being “de-platformed” like Mike Adams’ Natural News, or erased from Google and YouTube search results, or else throttled and slowed so as to discourage readers and viewers. These news giants own a virtual monopoly on our “news” along with their drug company partners. They are censoring the free flow of information under the guise of helping us.  To excuse their behavior to those of us paying attention, they tell us that they are doing it to help us. They tell us they are censoring our news to help us.

Where the drug companies and their media partners are concerned, ours, as the old poem says, is not to reason why.  Ours is but to do or die.  We citizens of a Democracy (at least in name) are now being treated like the cavalry in the Charge of the Light Brigade.  We are supposed to ride into the valley of death, to do the bidding of our “Masters.” We are not supposed to engage our God-given ability to think and reason.  We are not supposed to decide for ourselves, individually, what makes sense and what doesn’t. We are not supposed to decide for our children whether or not a particular vaccination is worth the risk of submitting to it.

Attention, Trolls

Cue the trolls, who at this juncture always raise the nonsense about why informed consent can’t apply in the case of vaccination.  Trolls give us the ludicrous “herd immunity” ruse put forth by their Big Pharma handlers. Read The Myth of Herd Immunity from Dr. Russell Blaylock:

There can be no herd immunity with artificial immunization.  Natural immunity, of the kind which can be achieved only by the grace of God through the miracle of good health – via clean food, clean water, and clean and rational thinking and discourse – is the only kind which is possible for human beings. Read some Vaccine History, Thinking Person.

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Vaccines Risk-Benefit Analysis

What we need and rarely get is a vaccine risk-benefit analysis. But all we have to do ourselves is  look closer. The truth is out there if one is willing to dig it out. The truth is, the influenza vaccine hasn’t worked in at least 70 years because of the way it is produced.  The shingles vaccine is arguably less than worthless, given its tiny theoretical benefits and huge risks. The shingles vaccine is decidedly dangerous and arguably worthless. The vaccines schedule the CDC recommends for our children have given us the highest rate of vaccination in the “free world” while making our children sicker than they have ever been. More than half are chronically ill, and a new childhood cancer center pops up nearly every week.

While every national news outlet in the country repeats the lie that there’s no link between autism and vaccination, the US vaccine court has quietly been compensating American citizens and their children for cases of vaccine-induced autism since 1991. Hannah Pohling is just one of many hundreds or thousands who have received compensation.

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We people of the street, meanwhile, are repeatedly told that all vaccines are safe and effective and no evidence exists otherwise.  We are taught that anyone questioning vaccination in any fashion is anti-science, akin to a heretic who ought to be stoned or at least muffled and preferably detained, forcibly vaccinated, and kept away from the vaccinated children, whom the drug companies and their government enablers would have us think are “protected” from the unvaccinated “others.”

Despite the MSM onslaught to demonize anyone who questions the heavy and heavier vaccination schedule recommended by the CDC for children and adults, the scientific jury is in.  It tells a far different story than what most of us have been led to believe. Unvaccinated children have been found to be healthier than vaccinated children. That’s because vaccination taints the human blood.  It tricks and confuses the immune system, which oftentimes attacks itself.  Vaccination may, and that is a very big may, offer some artificial immunity for a short time.  In the long run, and sometimes in the very short run, it leads to autoimmune disorders and reduced immunity from disease.

Vaccination is Big Business

Vaccination is a $40 Billion per year industry with no liability, no accountability for vaccine makers. That’s because in 1986, during the Reagan administration, the US Congress gave vaccine makers a get-out-of-jail free pass whenever their vaccines injure or kill people or their children.  That year the government created a secret vaccine court which allows no legal discovery.  It also exists in a nearly total media blackout. Vaccine injured children and adults are compensated through our tax dollars.  The vaccine makers have only to make their profits.  We, the taxpayers are stuck paying the bills for vaccine-induced injuries, not just in the super-secret vaccine court but in the larger sense in our insurance premiums as the incidence of childhood cancer rises in proportion with the increased vaccine schedule. Increased healthcare costs for sick and sicker children cost us all not just in heartache, but also directly in the pocketbook.

CDC Conflict of Interest drive Vaccine Policy

The Centers for Disease Control, which promotes vaccination despite a laundry list of dangers associated with the practice, owns at least 57 vaccine patents.  That’s a clear conflict of interest that has never been disclosed by the agency. It needs to be disclosed every time the CDC adds another vaccine to the already obscenely heavy vaccine schedule.