Dow will stop making brain-damaging pesticide

 (Feb. 10, 2020) – Dow Chemical says it will stop making the brain-damaging pesticide chlorpyrifos. The chemical giant attributes the move to a downturn in demand for the poison, which is highly controversial, to say the least.

Chlorpyfiros and Poison Gas

Chlorpyrifos is made from the same family of chemicals that produced poison gas used by Germany on British and American troops in WWI. It kills bugs while also permanently damaging human brains. It has been implicated in several studies for lowering children’s IQ scores, while also significantly raising the risks of ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, and other child-development problems.

Alarmingly, considering all that we know about the toxicity of chlorpyrifos, it has been used for many years on non-organic foods such as corn, soybeans, almonds, citrus, cotton, grapes, walnuts and other crops.

Politicized EPA

The EPA itself banned chlorpyrifos for home use in 2000, after its own scientists’ investigations into studies on the poison showed there was no safe level of exposure for human beings. But industry pressure and a politicized EPA have fought and denied many angry mothers and citizens’ groups to keep the poison on the market.

Virtually always allied with industry and deregulation in any form, in any battle against citizens’ rights, the Trump administration reversed a planned ban of chlorpyrifos. In doing so, Trump’s EPA rejected its own scientists’ advice and the scientific conclusions of all the experts not paid by, or allied with, the pesticide industry. More than one EPA official resigned in protest.

Dow said it will stop producing the chemical by the end of 2020. Corteva, formed from a Dow Chemical and DuPont merger, made the announcement on Feb. 6, 2020.

Research into chlorpyrifos has repeatedly found damaging health effects in children, including impaired brain development. Many environmental groups have, for years, advocated for its ban. California, which grows most of the nation’s fruits and nuts, ignored Trump’s EPA and banned chlorpyrifos last year.

It’s just Business for Corteva (and Corleone)

The Corleone family in the Mario Puzo Godfather stories explained away whatever nasty things they did as “just business.” That is an excuse which many sociopathological corporations follow, and Corteva is no different. Corteva makes no mention of its pesticide’s human-hurting properties, attributing chlorpyrifos’ discontinuation only to “declining sales.”

The president of Corteva’s “crop protection” business [interesting nomenclature that is, considering the mob also runs protection rackets], Susanne Wasson, told Reuters it was a “difficult decision”. Corteva and other pesticide makers run a crop protection racket, all right, as farming without pesticides is not only possible, but also much healthier for both farmers, people, land, and all manner of plants and wildlife.

Chrorpyrifos Lawsuits

It’s not such a difficult decision for law firms representing mothers and their children who have been damaged to the point of mental retardation by chlorpyrifos. Lawyers are filing chlorpyrifos pesticide lawsuits to hold Dow accountable. The U.S. government, with Trump at the helm, has shown that it is incapable of protecting human beings from voracious corporations mobbed up with a “regulatory” agency whose every move is “just business,” too, the health and well-being of human beings be damned.

Dow’s business decision to stop producing chlorpyrifos is a hopeful step, but the fight against Dow and Chlorpyrifos is far from finished.