DNC, HRC destroy Democratic Party

Full disclosure: I’ve voted for every Democratic Presidential candidate since Jimmy Carter in 1976. Count me among those annoying folks who argue that only those who are card-carrying members of their party, gender, sexual persuasion, race, creed, family, religion or whatever are the only ones who have a right to criticize that group or its members.  Count me a part of that group of War-hating, Union-loving, Teacher-celebrating, Peace-symbol-wearing, bleeding-heart-liberal weirdos whose heart aches whenever he sees a dead squirrel in the street.  That’s who I’m stuck being.  (Who are you, really?)

The Clinton “Foundation:”   Greed & Deception

That said, for a litany of reasons – principal among them her collusion with the DNC and major media (all sadly well documented by Wikileaks) to subvert Democracy itself and destroy Bernie Sanders and the progressive moment he inspired; her murderous campaign to decimate Libya (after which she laughed in recounting her orchestrated slaughter of Muammar Gaddafi, who had made the desert bloom for HIS people); her murderous machinations in Syria and the consequent turmoil those actions have caused (mass migration of bleeding, fleeing peoples creating mass havoc all over the world); her bear-baiting Russia with the neocons, which has helped bring us to the brink of nuclear Armageddon (make no mistake; look it up); her Clinton Foundation’s colluding with criminal Haitian leaders and others to profit from peoples’ unspeakable suffering; and finally her pathetically disingenuous glass ceiling play on people’s emotions.

The Glass Ceiling?

Of all the arguments we heard as to why HRC “should” be elected President, that we should elect her because she is a woman – and gee, we’ve never had a woman President before – may be the most insufferable.  Sadly, even in HRC’s finest moment in public life, in her surprisingly gracious concession speech, she struck a disingenuous note, pointing to the glass ceiling as a principal reason why she was not elected.  Did HRC bump her well-coiffed head against the glass ceiling?  Is that what stopped her? (Read Greg Palast.  The election was, in fact, stolen from her and other Dem candidates, but not by the red herring Russian connection.  The fraud was much closer to home, in the electronic ballot box and the “caging” of voters expected to vote Democrat, primarily Black folks.)

Did the millions of women who voted against Hillary do so because they hate their own kind and wanted to keep down one of their own?  Did the millions of men who voted against her do so because they are misogynist deplorables?

The “glass ceiling” never stopped Hillary Rodham Clinton from doing anything.  The “glass ceiling” never stopped HRC from rising to a more prominent position of political and financial power than 99.9% of men of any stripe ever reach.  It certainly never stopped her or her supporters from disingenuously playing the gender card every chance they got.  Was there ever any doubt that she was a woman?  Did we need reminding from her friends at CNN and all the other network agents that met secretly (again sadly and meticulously documented by Wikileaks) with her campaign manager (and frightening pervert) John Podesta and DNC staff at her behest to discredit Sanders as a viable candidate?  Was there every any doubt that the entire country was aware that no woman had ever before attained the Presidency of the United States?

Why are so many on the Right so tired of hearing about “Diversity”?  Are we doing something to alienate non-believers when we speak of “Diversity” as a virtue?  Is it so deplorable to question the whole concept of Diversity as virtue, in and of itself?

Diversity itself is not a virtue and it has no inherent value, at least so far as politics is concerned, especially when it is used in disingenuous fashion.  Diversity is an entirely subjective term, as slippery as an eel, as completely devoid of meaning as a campaign promise, except insofar as it can be easily manipulated by anyone to mean anything.  Diversity holds no inherent value, nor does being a woman, or being a man, or a hyphenated “diverse” American of any flavor. To hell with diversity.  Let’s talk about what matters

What Does and Does Not Matter
Let’s start a new conversation, one begun by Bernie Sanders. What matters? Morality matters. Ideas matter.  Beliefs matter.  Honesty matters. Separating fact from fiction matters. Whether or not one supports NAFTA, or this or that international trade agreement, matters. Whether or not one supports a one-world government matters.   Whether or not we need paper ballots to certify our elections matters.  Whether or not we allow our votes to be counted by easily-hacked software matters.

Whether or not Sanders could have beaten Trump where Clinton did not does not matter.  Not anymore.  What matters is that the DNC and HRC’s backers colluded to subvert Democracy.  There was rank criminality in the DNC.  That is what matters. That is a crime that disenfranchised millions of voters.

Trump’s “Virtue”?

Say what you will of Trump, he has, at least, one “virtue”:  He openly disdains Democracy and the rule of law, along with the “Free Press.”  The DNC does its dirty work entirely in the dark.

If Democrats and the DNC ever want to be taken seriously again, they need to start by cleaning house ENTIRELY.  No more cronyism, DNC, and no more cynicism.  Let Democracy have its day or go f*** yourselves.

One Honest He/She/It to Start
Here’s an idea: Start with ONE honest man, or ONE honest woman, or ONE honest transsexual, pantheistic, homosexual, Asian-African-Native-Caucasian-Hyphenated, cross-dressing, trans-bathroom-using human being.  I don’t care one whit about what he/she/it looks or sounds like, and I don’t think one single person in this country does either, just so long as that honest person is capable of at least three things: the ability to love, listen, and learn.

And I think we need somebody who doesn’t think it’s a good idea to demonize and murder other peoples’ leaders and scatter their people hither and yon in order to create chaos toward the goal of maximizing profits and hiring cheap labor for the 1%.  That tact, as old as anything in our broken world, does not seem to be working so well, does it, DNC?




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