Court Victory against NSA

nsa-logoWe ‘ve needed a court victory for a long, long time against warrantless NSA data gathering on tax-paying Americans. Finally we’ve got one, a glimmer of hope to turn back the unfolding Orwellian nightmare of the government surveilling, manipulating and controlling us from cradle to grave. Anyone who doesn’t realize that’s the goal has simply not been paying attention. All this crap about terrorism hides a larger agenda. One’s wreckable car, flammable home and potentially trigger-happy spouse are all greater “threats” to Americans than any so-called “terrorist,” yet the government has for years been using the phantom “terrorist threat” to take away more and more of our civil rights. (False Flags and Black Ops unfold almost weekly, abroad as well as in the U.S., PsyOps designed to take our guns and other civil rights, while Obama has admitted that the U.S. funds ISIS, the people we are supposed to be fighting “over there.”) Our government pretends to export democratic rights abroad while taking them away at home. None of what is happening makes any sense, unless you do some serious research on your own and figure it out yourself, think for yourself. We need to wake up, America, before it’s too late.

Warrantless Spying and Data Gathering on Americans

Thank God we’ve finally got a victory against warrantless NSA spying. Lots of Americans seem to think that loss of privacy is inevitable in the digital world, that we have to put up with it because of the national security state’s so-called “war on terror.” Ceding our right of privacy to the runaway train of the NSA would be a terrible mistake.

How would you like to be treated like you now are at the airport nearly every place you go? How would you like to have your identity stolen and your credit ruined because NSA is sharing your data, unwittingly or not, with corporations or criminals? Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the country. It can ruin your credit overnight, and send you down a rabbit hole of trying to reclaim your good name. Tens of thousands of people are mistakenly on no-fly lists now (Senator Ted Kennedy was once listed), so you know that a lack of basic competence is par for the NSA course. Do you trust these people with all of your personal data? The argument that you’re not a criminal and have nothing to hide is ludicrous (You don’t want to hide your bank account, your credit card numbers, your PIN?), lazy, and misses the point entirely.

Thankfully, at least one group is fighting the NSA’s voracious gathering of our personal data, bank accounts, credit card spending, internet activity, all of it. Thankfully at least one judge in California has seen his way clear to allow the group to conduct discovery against the NSA for a potential lawsuit. Somebody needs to stem the tide of this runaway security state taking away more of our basic freedoms every day, including the freedom to be left alone by our own government.

Group can collect evidence against NSA

RT. Com reported today that a US digital rights group has won a victory in California. There a judge has authorized the group to conduct discovery for a potential lawsuit against the NSA. The group now has the legal right to collect factual evidence to potentially show NSA’s “warrantless” surveillance. (The Snowden allegations only confirmed what most of us already strongly suspected, which is why the government, or those runaway corporate appointments running it, rather, would like to kill Snowden.)

The group, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed the legal case in 2008, but the NSA has for the last eight years, until now, managed to bar discovery of its warrantless activities.

The group filed Jewel v. NSA in 2008 on behalf of Carolyn Jewel, a former AT&T customer. EFF and five plaintiffs it represents say AT&T has collected and routed copies of internet traffic to a secret San Francisco room that NSA controls.

The EFF complaint is aimed at NSA in cooperation with AT&T. The complaint came years before the alarming reports of former intelligence contract Edward Snowden. Mr. Snowden exposed the NSA’s illegal surveillance operations in 2013, and has had to hid outside the country ever since. Officials of the CIA and their lackeys in Congress and the press have demonized Snowden, and spread disinformation that his revelations helped terrorists. That’s a lot of BS and the “security state’ people know it. They’re just mad at Snowden now because he blew the whistle on them. What those revelations showed us is just how vulnerable our data is, and just how corrupt our government is to illegally gathering our personal information without a proper warrant.

AT&T Technician blows whistle on spying program

Former AT&T technician Mark Klein claimed in 2006 that he helped create the room in San Francisco (allegedly “secure”) where government agents collected customer data.

RT writes that, “Even though Jewel was eventually unable to prove that she was the victim, the EFF continues to fight for five other plaintiffs.” EFF calls them, “ordinary Americans who are current or former subscribers to AT&T’s telephone and/or internet services.”

Begun as a case against AT&T, defendants in the lawsuit include some of the most powerful politicians (read: lawbreakers) in the country’s recent murderous past, people like former President of Vice, Dick Cheney; the famed decider, former President George W. Bush; and former NSA director Michael Hayden.

Judge Jeffrey White

Judge Jeffrey White of California District Court has ruled discovery can proceed. That ruling represents the first victory following several court rejections that challenged EFF’s efforts to end the mass surveillance.

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Judge White wrote: “Having considered the parties papers, relevant legal authority, and the record in this case, the court grants plaintiffs’ motion to lift the court’s stay of discovery. The court finds the motion suitable for disposition without oral argument.”

U.S. Government fights Transparency

The U.S. government has fought all EFF’s requests to proceed with this lawsuit. The government has argued that state secrets’ privilege protects it from disclosing its data because it poses “an unacceptable risk of disclosing state secrets.”

(After the CIA helped murder John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas in 1963, the agency used “National Security” as the reason for its coverup. Buckle up. This game never ends.)

Judge White previously dismissed the argument citing “the Wiretap Act, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, and the Stored Communications Act.”

Court Victory against NSA

“The court notes that any disputed materials that defendants contend may potentially run the risk of impermissible disclosure of state secret information may be disclosed ex parte for in camera review,” White reiterated on Feb. 19.
EFF wrote: “This ruling affirms Judge White’s previous decision and opens the door for discovery,” the EFF wrote. EFF also noted that this was the first time a group has been allowed to “gather factual evidence” against the NSA. “EFF looks forward to finally getting to the nuts and bolts of this extraordinarily important lawsuit.”

Keep the Faith

Keep the faith, friends. We are in the fight for our lives and freedoms, whether we like it or not. The problem is that the enemies of that freedom are a lot closer than we would like to think. We need more brave souls like Judge White, and we need every American to think and study what is really happening in the world, and why. We can defeat the forces of darkness, of our own enslavement. We must.