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Our clergy abuse attorneys work to bring justice to victims sexually abused by priests or other clergy.   A shocking number of Catholic priests and other clergy have abused thousands of children and young adults in the last several decades.  Recent developments in Pennsylvania have made the horrific problem of priests’ victimizing children in their charge impossible to ignore.  Our clergy abuse attorneys work to bring civil justice to those victimized by wayward priests and other fallen members of the clergy.

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 The Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report

The nation’s attention was focused anew on the problem of clergy sex abuse with the August 2018 release of a Pennsylvania grand jury report that showed a shocking number of priest abuse cases that went unreported by the church.  The Pennsylvania grand jury, which convened for two years, concluded that at least 300 priests had sexually abused more than 1,000 children and underage young people in a period of some six decades.

Catholic Church coddled, hid abusers

Just as shocking as the jury’s report was its examination of thousands of pages of internal church documents which showed the church’s abject moral failure.  The typical Catholic dioceses failed to “out” the abusers and protect the children in their charge.   The jury found, again and again, that the church not only failed to dismiss and punish those accused by multiple eye witnesses of sexual abuse.  The church also quietly moved sexually abusive priests to other parishes, where they often preyed on other unsuspecting children.

States considering Law Changes

Many states are considering changes in their lawsuit deadlines for child sex abuse victims.  Longer deadlines can enable victims of clergy abuse longer periods of time in which to file a claim against an abuser.  Many states now end the cutoff date for filing a civil lawsuit against a sexual abuser at age 30, but many potential clergy abuse lawsuit changes are in the offing.

To answer a public outcry for a greater period of time for sex abuse victims to file a civil claim, Minnesota created a three-year window for past abuse victims to file child sex abuse lawsuits against the church and other institutions.  That change came despite the state’s statute of limitations being closed.  The result was a very large settlement for many adults who had been abused as children in Minnesota.

The Pennsylvania legislature is considering a change of law similar to what Minnesota and other states have enacted to allow victims of priest abuse and other child sex abuse a longer grace period in which to file their claims.  More and more states have started to realize that victims of child sex abuse often deny their own victimization for many decades.  Many child sex abuse victims do all they can to bury their victimization, often resorting to excessive drinking and other forms of self abuse that ends in suicide.  It is not at all unusual for a victim to takes decades to reach the point of being emotionally fit to file a lawsuit against an abusive clergyman and an enabling church or other entity.

Clergy Abuse Attorneys

Our clergy abuse attorneys recognize the emotional difficulty of sharing personal sexual abuse information with anyone.  We handle clergy abuse cases across the country and in Puerto Rico.  We also have many Spanish speakers on staff to help with anyone who’d rather speak with us in Spanish.

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