Chemical Farming Kills Earth, Animals, People

Chemical based farming kills earth, animals, and people – are we leaving anything out? Oh, yes, it also kills the beauty that mother nature developed over thousands of years before man came along and thought he could steamroll her into submission.

What kind of an animal thinks it can poison its own food supply and remain healthy? How can something be sprayed on plants to kill weeds and bugs without harming everything else around it? What kind of an animal would even believe such a thing possible?

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Probably one enamored of technology.  Probably one convinced he is special, somehow outside the bounds of plant and animal life, of nature. Probably an animal capable of superstitious “reasoning,” or what psychologists call “magical thinking,” at least where his own pocketbook is concerned. Probably an animal who thinks he’s not an animal, but some sort of superior being. Probably some animal who read in the bible that he has dominion over the other animals, and he takes that to mean that he can kill them or use them or torture them or whatever he likes without any consequences.

Silent Spring
Silent Spring author Rachel Carson, whose famous book launched the environmental movement, noted that in 1947 “DDT is good for me” was a little piece pushed by TIME magazine. “Public health” announcements ran film of children being sprayed with the carcinogenic neurotoxin while they ate and swam and played. Doctors for decades hawked cigarettes, declaring them good for us, maybe even a great way to help relax (and not think about what could be silently killing us). It was propaganda, plain and simple, just like Monsanto’s declarations today – its false advertising – about how wonderful Roundup is, about how safe glyphosate is.

Chemical Farming Kills Earth, People, Animals
Ms. Carson wrote presciently about our chemical-based farming methods.  The corporate model of farming – which tortures animals and poisons so many of us today, while denying us needed nutrients – didn’t gain a foothold until after WWII.  That’s when chemical companies that made killing weapons (and killings in sales) realized they could also make a “killing” in farming, in killing pests in the mass production of food.  The problem, of course, is that farming based on toxic chemicals kills indiscriminately, just like Roundup today.  Rachel Carson was an early critic of this chemical model of farming.

Balance of Nature Unbalanced by Monsanto
Ms. Carson said:  “Now to these people, apparently, the balance of nature was something that was replaced as soon as man came on the scene. You might as well assume you could repeal the law of gravity. The balance of nature is built on a series of inter-relationships between living things and their environment. You can’t just step in with some brute force and change one thing without changing many others.”

You’re Headed for Disaster
Ms. Carson added, “That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to tilt the balance of nature in our favor; but unless we do bring these chemicals under better control, you’re certainly headed for disaster.”

GMOs Poisoning Most of Us Most the Time
GMO foods are now poisoning most of us most the time.  Some 80 percent of our food supply is genetically modified.  There’s a clear parallel between our increasing use of glyphosate and rising increases in infertility, thyroid disease, liver disease, kidney problems, and other life-threatening maladies, including non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Inadequate Regulatory System
The problem is that we have an inadequate regulatory system, says Claire Robinson, editor of GM Watch.  That system doesn’t explore all the risks of GMO foods, leaving that task mostly for the same companies like Monsanto that profit from GMO proliferation. The pesticide lobby is very strong.  Monsanto, Syngenta and others steadily push to weaken pesticide regulation at the same time that they are profiting more and more from the sale of GMO seeds, which are made to be sold with their pesticides.

Low Dose Glyphosate damages Kidney, Liver Function
The regulation is overrun by Monsanto sycophants and government shills like Michael Taylor, as well as EPA officials both past and present.  Some EPA officials were recently unmasked in a Monsanto lawsuit. They can be seen in emails colluding with Monsanto to help the company push the phony claim that glyphosate is safe.  Glyphosate is decidedly NOT safe.  In fact, ultra-low doses of glyphosate, thousands of times below what regulators says is completely safe, have been shown to cause increased incidents of liver and kidney damage over the long term. That is the way glyphosate is working on virtually all of us – long term.  A study led by London, UK geneticist, Dr. Michael Antoniou has shown this long-term, low-dose effect.  Given that most people in the U.S. have been found to be contaminated with glyphosate, even those of us trying to eat organic foods and avoid all the poisoned Monsanto food that we can, are at risk.

Buy Organic, Buy Local
The best answer is to buy organic, which is the food most likely not to be contaminated with glyphosate.  Buy from local producers when you can. Get to you know your food producers. Then join an action group.  Since our regulators are captured by Monsanto and other industry giants, and most of our politicians are either captured or gutless, we are largely on our own to start citizen movements to save ourselves, our children, and our home, Mother earth.



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