Cell Phones banned on Airplanes

samsung-galaxy-note-7Some cell phones have been banned on airplanes. U.S. officials said last week that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 cell phones will now be banned from all airline flights. Airlines had previously mandated that those who owned the Samsung Note 7 phones turn them off before boarding and keep them off. However, after at least one Note 7  burned a plane, the ban is now total.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said Oct. 14 that any passenger who tries to carry a Note 7 onto a flight could have it confiscated. The person could also face fines or prosecution by placing the phone in checked luggage, which would defy an emergency order.

Cell Phones banned on Airplanes

Samsung’s Note 7 phones join a list of items banned on flights, ranging from the nonsensical, such as water (Water? WE are water.) to the ‘sensical’: fireworks and lighter fluid. Nobody knows how many flammable Note 7’s remain in circulation.

Airlines were informed of the total ban during a conference call with safety officials and the TSA. Just days earlier, aviation authorities said passengers could still carry the dangerous phones in hand baggage if they powered them down.

The FAA said the move to a complete ban followed the Consumer Product Safety Commission recall two weeks prior of the phone’s fire-prone batteries.

Airlines said Oct. 14 that they would amend the ban announcements to passengers before and after boarding. Carriers also cover the ban on their web sites.

Honor System

Officials said airport X-ray machines can’t identify individual phones. They also said staff wouldn’t be checking what kind of devices passengers had on board. Staff would rely in part on the ban being self-enforced.

Flight Attendants Welcome Ban

Sara Nelson, international president of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, said in a press release: “This is a serious concern for flight attendants and we are pleased to see the Transportation Department and the Federal Aviation Administration taking action on the issue.”

Fire hazards associated with the Note 7 led Samsung to halt production and sales of the hazardous model.