Shingles Vaccine Eye Damage
The shingles vaccine Merck Pharmaceuticals has been marketing since 2006 now comes with a warning that it could cause eye damage. February 17, 2016, the FDA approved a label change to Merck’s Zostamax vaccine prescribing
CDC Pesticide Spraying Illegal, says Lawsuit
The mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico has filed a lawsuit to stop the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) from illegally spraying toxic chemicals on his country. The CDC is attempting to spray toxic
Shingles Vaccine? Really?
Is there a shingles vaccine? Really?  There is a shingles vaccine in name, according to Merck Pharmaceuticals, the company that makes it. Whether or not Merck's Zostovax works as a "vaccine," or how well

Merck Vaccine Fraud

Merck Vaccine Fraud
Former Merck scientists have accused their former employer of falsifying tests of an exclusive mumps vaccine in recently filed court papers. Big Pharma giant Merck has yet to answer the charges. Related:  Merck Shingles
Vaccine Injury Data altered
Vaccine injury data has been alterered by our government. Watchdog Sharyl Attkisson reports that in March 2015, the federal government removed more than a year's worth of data from one of its publicly reported charts.
Vaccines killed Michigan Baby
The $52 billion vaccine industry backed by the "freaks of the CDC" (according to the U.S. Senate: CDC Off Center), continues to peddle the fantasy that vaccines are safe. But occasionally the truth gets
Repeal Vaccine Injury Immunity
If vaccines are as safe and effective as Big Pharma and the federal government claim they are, then there is no reason for the immunity granted to drug companies for vaccine related injuries. There
Vaccine Makers Vaccinated by Congress & Supreme Court
Vaccine makers have always worked hard to vaccinate themselves against liability when their vaccines cripple or kill people. They threatened Congress in 1982, saying they would no longer make vaccines at all unless they were