Paraquat Pesticide Trial Updates – Dec. 2021
Several paraquat pesticide lawsuits are pending in the U.S. against Syngenta. The suits allege that paraquat, the chemical sold for weed killing, can cause Parkinson’s disease. Farmers use paraquat on many crops, including corn,
Federal Court proposed for Syngenta Paraquat Cases
Attorneys filing lawsuits against Syngenta alleging a link between Paraquat and Parkinson’s Disease are asking a U.S. judicial panel to consolidate more than a dozen similar suits under the oversight of a California federal
Paraquat: a Non-Selective Killer with a Dark Past
Many Americans first heard of paraquat in the mid 1970s* when it was used to poison marijuana plants. The paraquat-laced cannabis was then sold to unwitting people. Many unlucky smokers inhaled the poison and
Paraquat linked to Parkinson’s Disease
Paraquat was linked to Parkinson’s disease in a study released in 2011. The Farming and Movement Evaluation (FAME) study* examined the relationship between Parkinson’s disease and exposure to pesticides toxic to nerve tissue.  FAME