Impala Air Bag Failures Deadly
General Motors has included the Chevrolet Impala (2000-2014), historic staple in its fleet, on its list of cars recalled for a faulty ignition switch. Nevertheless, the automaker has yet to add the Impala to
GM Recall Cases Mount and Change
As GM recall cases mount and change, attorneys for General Motors announced this week that the car maker will pay injury claims for people who incurred medical expenses within 48 hours of having been injured
GM recalls 7.6 Million more Cars for Ignition Switch
General Motors announced on June 30, 2014 that it will conduct six additional safety recalls which involve some 7.6 million vehicles from model years 1997 to 2014. This latest GM Recall News was so
GM Recall Case delayed by NHTSA
The GM recall case delayed by NHTSA caution begins with the history of the regulatory agency. Though the story behind the General Motors recall in March 2014 of 1.3 million cars for power-steering system problems
Judge accepts $2.9 Million Fracking Case Verdict
The judge presiding over a toxic emissions case involving fracking in Texas has accepted a jury verdict which awarded $2.9 million to the Parr family of Weiss County. The Parrs sued Aruba Petroleum for
Fracked Farmer dies of Rare Brain Cancer
A fracked farmer died of a rare brain cancer on Sunday, June 8, 2014 in Pennsylvania. Harassed, threatened and poisoned by frackers for the last seven years of his life, Terry Greenwood was 66.
Exxon CEO joins a Fracking Lawsuit
An Exxon CEO joins a Fracking Lawsuit – that's news you don't read every day. "Do unto others, then cut out," is the Malthusian motto for most natural gas frackers. It's fun to frack
Texas Woman sues GM for Tragic Crash
A Houston-area woman who lost her legs and broke her neck in a December auto crash filed suit against General Motors on April 8.  Thirty-year-old Tiffany Adams claims her GM car's faulty ignition switch
First Fracking Trial in Texas
DALLAS — The first fracking trial in Texas opens in Dallas today. Bob and Lisa Parr of Wise County are suing Aruba Petroleum for property and personal damages which the couple claims they have
Scientist Barry Trower has announced that the telecommunications industry, with the cooperation of governments around the world, is violating the Nuremberg treaty by allowing human experimentation on a global scale. Signed by all the
Halliburton Guilty of Criminal Destruction
Halliburton is guilty of criminal destruction and a whole lot more. The Department of Justice announced Thursday that Halliburton had agreed to plead guilty to criminally destroying evidence in the investigation of the BP
BP’s Corexit poisons all
The Government Accountability Project  (GAP) reports that whistleblowers throughout the Gulf of Mexico have revealed that British Petroleum's use of Corexit (which is banned in BP's home country, England) has caused devastating, long-term health
Wells Fargo scams Customers
Wells Fargo scams Customers. Wells Fargo was ordered by a federal judge in May 2013 to pay $203 million for a checking scam. The class action case accused Wells Fargo of imposing excessive overdraft

NRDC fights Pebble Mine

NRDC fights Pebble Mine
The National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) announced today that thanks to donations from thousands of concerned supporters, a hard-hitting ad against the Pebble Mine – featuring NRDC Trustee Robert Redford – just appeared in