Trump moves to stop Screening Truck Drivers for Sleep Disorder
The Trump administration has withdrawn a proposed law to screen truckers for a hazardous sleep condition.  Sleep apnea can threaten the lives of every driver on the road, because sleep-deprived drivers are a potential
Houston Bus Kills Walker
The first Houston pedestrian to be killed in 2017 lost his life around 6:30 Tuesday, Jan. 11. The man was hit by an empty METRO bus in downtown Houston at the intersection of Congress
Houston Pedestrian Accident Deaths Increase in 2016
Houston is a dangerous city to walk, and it grows more dangerous by the day. More pedestrians were killed by  Houston drivers in 2016 than in any previous year. In Houston, even the police
Big rig falls off Houston 59 Ramp, Kills One
December 21, 2016 – A big rig fell off a Houston 59 ramp and killed at least one person this morning. The  18-wheeler crash and fire slowed traffic both north and south on the 59
Cell Phones and Car Crashes
Cell Phones and car crashes are as American as the glorification of fake news and military violence. America’s cell phone obsession comes at an awful steep price. Drivers using cell phones cause 1.6 million
Exploding Air Bag Lawsuit filed in Texas
A woman nearly killed by an exploding air bag in an otherwise minor traffic accident has filed a lawsuit against Takata and Honda. The petition seeks more than $1 million in damages. Related: Air
Volkswagen Settlement Approved – $15 Billion
A federal judge Oct. 25, 2016 ruled that a $15 billion payment from Volkswagen will settle the company's U.S. emissions scandal. The legal action helped put into motion an enormous vehicle buyback program. It
Defective Takata Air Bags in New Vehicles
At least four auto makers have confirmed defective Takata air bags are installed in their new vehicles. Those bags will need to be replaced, according to a U.S. Senate panel that met this summer,
Ford $3.3 Million Air Bag Verdict
Ford Motor Company was hit with a $3.3 million air bag verdict Sept. 2, 2016. A South Carolina federal jury ruled for the wife of a man badly hurt in a crash when an
America’s Hottest – Most Stolen – Autos
Ever since we stopped hanging thieves for stealing our rides, ride theft has exploded in the country. While horse and cattle thieves were routinely hanged (ala Lonesome Dove), car and truck thieves enjoy relatively
Takata Air Bag blinds Man
A Florida man is suing Takata and Honda after he lost an eye in a low speed collision due to a faulty air bag. Traveling just 15 mph in a 2001 Honda Civic, Corey Burdick
Fiat Chrysler Lawsuit for Star Trek Actor’s Death
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV has been sued for wrongful death by the parents of 27-year-old Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin. Mr. Yelchin was killed in June 2016 by his 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The
GM Air Bag recall may add 4.3 million
A GM air bag recall may add 4.3 million more vehicles. General Motors Co. announced July 21, 2016 that U.S. regulators may force it to recall 4.3 million more vehicles for possibly defective Takata air
GM recalls nearly 300,000 cars for Air Bags
General Motors is again recalling more cars for safety defects. The Associated Press reported July 21, 2016 that GM is recalling nearly 300,000 Chevrolet Impala sedans in the U.S. for potentially defective air bags.
Truck company in Texas bridge crash had prior violations
The trucker who slammed into a Texas bridge over Highway 36 on July 7, 2016 works for a company with a history of violations with the U.S. Department of Transportation. Texas Disposal Systems owns