Florida Covid Business Interruption Case Survives Dismissal
Gynecologist's Insurance Suit Survives A federal judge in Florida last week denied an insurer's bid to dismiss a lawsuit by a gynecologist's office which alleged an insurance company wrongfully denied coverage of losses caused
Missouri Business Interruption Cases advance, Judge rules
(August 17, 2020) Missouri business interruption cases filed against an insurance company advance, a U.S. federal judge ruled last week. Presiding over the United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri Southern
First Covid Business Interruption Cases could affect Others
(July 3, 2020) The first case filed for a Covid-19 business interruption insurance claim could affect others which follow. The first lawsuit involving a Covid-19 business interruption claim against an insurer was filed for
Insurers denying Covid-19 Business Interruption Claims
(June 23, 2020) – Most insurance companies are now routinely denying businesses’ Covid-19 business interruption claims.  Industry-wide justification for most of the denials has been a virus exclusion which insurance companies quietly inserted into
Insurance Claims Rejections over Covid-19 spur Plaintiffs’ Attorneys to work together for Businesses
Because insurance companies have rejected virtually all Covid-19-related claims, a group of plaintiffs' attorneys have come together to help businesses recover their losses. So many business owners are seeing so much loss which insurance
Most Small Businesses will fail within Six Months
(May 16, 2020) While many non-business owners in America have derided proprietors who have opened their doors and then found themselves arrested and fined, a Bloomberg survey has shown that 52 percent of small
Wisconsin Business Owners protest Lockdown
(May 8, 2020) Wisconsin business owners protested the state's lockdown last week, pleading  with Governor Tony Evers and a legislative committee to open the state for business. Dozens of people testified to ask the
Marylanders Protest Covid Lockdown
(May 4, 2020) Thousands of Marylanders protested in their state's capital city Saturday, May Day, as a lawsuit was filed against the governor over the state’s forced lockdown that began in March. Lockdown protests
Houston Restaurant Owner files Lawsuit over Covid Lockdown Claims
(April 30, 2020) A prominent Houston restaurant owner has filed an insurance lawsuit for business losses caused by the Covid-19 lockdown. Russell Ybarra filed suit yesterday for revenue losses several of his businesses have
Frequently Asked Questions for Covid-19 Business Interruption Claims
  Please note: These Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Covid-19 Business Interruption insurance claims are intended for general information only. They are not intended to be used in place of actual legal advice
Hope for Covid-19 Business Interruption Claims
  (April 23, 2020) Many business owners have already heard through the news or seen firsthand -- with an insurance company’s claim denial letter -- that most insurers are refusing to pay business interruption
Texas Law Firm Group handling Covid-19 Business Interruption Claims
Matthews & Associates Law Firm is teaming with several other highly experienced law firms pursing claims against insurance companies for denying coverage for Covid-related losses. All across the country, insurance companies are refusing to
States may shift Covid-19 Business Interruption Losses to Insurers
(April 13, 2020) Several states may shift Covid-19 business losses to insurers. At least seven states have introduced legislation to make insurance companies retroactively compensate businesses for losses suffered due to Covid 19 closures.