Business Interruption Claims against Society Insurance move to trial, rules U.S. District Judge 
Business interruption claims against Society can move forward to trial, ruled U.S. District Judge Edmond E. Chang. Filed on Feb. 22, 2021, the judge's opinion addresses and denies Society’s motion to dismiss several business
Deadlines loom for Covid-19 Business Interruption Claims
Deadlines loom for filing Covid-19 business interruption claims. Most policies feature a deadline to file claims. Individual deadlines depend on policy language and the unique facts of each case. But one fact applies to
Judges dismiss most Covid-19 Business Interruption Lawsuits as fight continues
The Insurance Journal reported last month that judges have dismissed more than four times as many Covid-19 business-interruption lawsuits as they’ve allowed to move forward. The Insurance Journal reported the analysis from the University
ViacomCBS Sues Over Covid-19 Coverage Denial
Last week in California federal court, ViacomCBS sued over Covid-19 Coverage Denial. The mainstream media giant alleges Great Divide Insurance Co. reneged on its coverage agreement by refusing to cover business losses.  The Covid-19
First Covid Business Interruption Insurance Case set for trial in NOLA
One of the first insurance cases in the country filed over Covid lockdown losses is scheduled for trial next week. Oceana Grill in New Orleans, La., was among the first businesses in the U.S.
Lloyds of London warned by U.K. Gov’t. over Covid Lockdown Business Claims  
Insurance Bosses warned over COVID-19 Claims November 24, 2020 – The United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority said it will hold Lloyd's of London and the heads of other  insurance companies responsible if FCA finds evidence
Plaintiffs win ruling on a COVID-19 Business Interruption Case 
Two recent rulings in North Carolina have given business owners a significant win in Covid-19 business interruption litigation. The rulings could potentially alter the trajectory of similar lawsuits across the USA. North Carolina State
Florida Covid Business Interruption Case Survives Dismissal
Gynecologist's Insurance Suit Survives A federal judge in Florida last week denied an insurer's bid to dismiss a lawsuit by a gynecologist's office which alleged an insurance company wrongfully denied coverage of losses caused
Missouri Business Interruption Cases advance, Judge rules
(August 17, 2020) Missouri business interruption cases filed against an insurance company advance, a U.S. federal judge ruled last week. Presiding over the United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri Southern
Frequently Asked Questions for Covid-19 Business Interruption Claims
  Please note: These Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Covid-19 Business Interruption insurance claims are intended for general information only. They are not intended to be used in place of actual legal advice
Hope for Covid-19 Business Interruption Claims
  (April 23, 2020) Many business owners have already heard through the news or seen firsthand -- with an insurance company’s claim denial letter -- that most insurers are refusing to pay business interruption
Texas Law Firm Group handling Covid-19 Business Interruption Claims
Matthews & Associates Law Firm is teaming with several other highly experienced law firms pursing claims against insurance companies for denying coverage for Covid-related losses. All across the country, insurance companies are refusing to
States may shift Covid-19 Business Interruption Losses to Insurers
(April 13, 2020) Several states may shift Covid-19 business losses to insurers. At least seven states have introduced legislation to make insurance companies retroactively compensate businesses for losses suffered due to Covid 19 closures.