New Mexico Priests, Nuns accused of abusing orphans
A New Mexico orphanage group of Catholic priests and nuns stand accused of abusing orphans in their charge. A lawsuit filed this last summer claims the priests and nuns in Albuquerque abused the orphans
Cardinal McCarrick Scandal Haunts Catholic Church Hierarchy   
Pedophile Priest Ran Sex Ring from Beach House [caption id="attachment_38256" align="alignright" width="300"] Pope Francis touches boys at St. Peter's Square.[/caption] The Cardinal Theodore McCarrick scandal haunts the Catholic church hierarchy as sex abuse lawsuits
Anti-Pornography Crusading Priest named in Sex Abuse Lawsuits
An anti-pornography crusading priest was named in two sex abuse lawsuits filed July 29 in state Supreme Court in Chautauqua County in New York state. The former pastor, who now stands accused of violating
The Roman Catholic Church received Billions in Taxpayer Funded Coronavirus Aid  
(July 14, 2020) -- AP News has reported that the U.S. Roman Catholic Church used an unprecedented exemption from federal rules to collect at least $1.4 billion in U.S. taxpayer-backed coronavirus aid. Many millions
Child Sex Abuse Survivors urged to Share their Stories
(July 10, 2020) – A group that supports child abuse survivors is urging them to come forward to tell their stories. Those willing to share will be offered free membership in a group where
Many Catholic Priests Credibly Accused moved abroad with Church’s Help
(July 7, 2020) The Catholic Church allowed more than 50 priests credibly accused of sexual abuse to move outside the U.S., where some were then accused of abusing other children in other parishes. A
Vatican, California Diocese, Priest, sued for Child Sex Abuse
Ratzinger Letter shows Concern for Church and Pedophile Priest, not Victims (June 12, 2020) The Vatican in Rome and a California diocese and parish are being sued for child sex abuse in the Superior
New York extends Child Victims Act ‘Look Back’ Window to August 2021
(June 3, 2020)  The New York state Senate and Assembly voted last week to extend the Child Victims Act 'Look Back' window to August 2021 for people wishing to file claims that they were
Texas Man alleges Pennsylvania Priests sexually abused, tortured him in the 1970s
(May 27, 2020) -- A Texas man alleges in a lawsuit that he was sexually abused and tortured in a church basement in the 1970s. The man is suing the Roman Catholic Diocese of
Vigano Letters unmask Catholic Conspiracy of Silence
The Vigano letters (2018-2019) show the highest offices of Catholic church hierarchy morally culpable in their abject failure to remove bad actors from positions of power. But the Vigano letters and the testimony of
Historic Lawsuit filed against Vatican
(March 10, 2020) – In an historic lawsuit, the Vatican (Holy See) has been named as a defendant for turning a known pedophile priest loose in several Roman Catholic dioceses and institutions. Rather than
Catholic Church moves assets, re-victimizes sex abuse victims
(March 6, 2020) The Catholic church has been busy moving assets to make less compensation money available to priest sex abuse victims. The church is estimated to have transferred at least $2 billion in
New Jersey Lawsuit Filed over Clergy Sex Abuse  
March 4, 2020 – A new New Jersey lawsuit has just been filed against the Catholic church and several other parties over clergy sex abuse. A New Jersey man has filed a child sex
FBI seeks Texas Clergy Sex Abuse Victims
(Jan. 30, 2020) -- The FBI announced today that it seeks child sex abuse victims as part of an ongoing investigation into clergy abuse in north Texas. The FBI notice reads: "The FBI is seeking
Bishops, Cardinal McCarrick accused of Child Sex Abuse
While many of us who were raised in the Catholic church might like to think priest sex abuse is limited to a few bad apples, the fact that at least 44 Catholic bishops and