BP’s Corexit poisons all

Bio HazardThe Government Accountability Project  (GAP) reports that whistleblowers throughout the Gulf of Mexico have revealed that British Petroleum’s use of Corexit (which is banned in BP’s home country, England) has caused devastating, long-term health effects for human beings and decimated ocean life. (Visit

GAP writes: “Our report – relying on over 25 whistleblowers from the region – concludes that the use of dispersant by BP and the federal government actually made the long-term effects of the spill on the Gulf and its residents worse, creating environmental and public health hazards on an incomprehensible scale.”

BP’s attempts to cover up the damage rather than fix it for the long term has brought “a barrage of devastating illnesses and disturbing environmental travesties” writes GAP. BP spread the toxic Corexit over huge expanses of the ocean, breaking down oil so that it quickly disappeared from the surface and plundered the depths of life for generations to come.  Corexit has now been proven to be FIFTY TIMES more toxic than the oil which it was intended to make disappear.

Using years of research and numerous Freedom of Information Act requests, GAP investigators uncovered a pile of massive wrongdoing that has resulted in a terrible list of health problems:

◆  BP Syndrome: cleanup workers, divers, researchers and Gulf residents show symptoms such as blood in urine, kidney and liver damage, memory loss and temporary paralysis.

◆  Blood tests: results show alarmingly high levels of exposure to Corexit, oil and attendant chemicals that include known carcinogens, all of which correlate with the ill health effects.

◆  BP Negligence: BP provided minimal or no personal protective equipment to cleanup workers who are now experiencing BP syndrome.

◆  Ecology, Food Safety Issues: Massive decrease in fishermen’s catches along with major concerns over seafood deformities.

◆ BP’s Inadequate Settlement: Failed to account for the most severe health problems or provide treatment.

◆ More Corexit Lies: BP and the federal government reported Corexit was last used in July 2012, but 71% of GAP witnesses said Corexit was used afterwards.

Newsweek broke a story using GAP’s findings and some other news outlets have since looked in to this scandal as well.

This is another shocking, but not surprising, example of corporations working closely with our own government at keeping Americans in the dark and even misleading us about problems directly consequential to our health. God help us.