Clinton Backs Monsanto, GMOs

Hillary Monsanto MoneyMany people who supported Hillary Clinton for President apparently didn’t know or perhaps don’t care that she is a longtime supporter of Monsanto and GMO foods. (Bernie Sanders, by contrast, is most decidedly NOT a GMO Yes man.) Monsanto’s bid to monopolize the world’s seed supply is part and parcel of the globalists’ attempt to eliminate all viable borders between nation states. Proponents of Monsanto’s carcinogenic glyphosate know no borders, recognize no fence lines, abide no dissent.

Monsanto, which is in process of being bought by the war criminal Bayer Company (If corporations are people, as the US Supreme Court has ruled, why can’t they be prosecuted as people?), collects politicians around the world with various campaign donations, personal favors, and a laundry list of arrangements made under the table.

Mrs. Clinton – Monsanto Lawyer

In Mrs. Clinton’s case, her Monsanto connections began above board when she represented the company as a lawyer with the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock. She has since, for good reason, been called the queen of Monsanto, taking some $335,000 for just one speaking fee from a Monsanto front group.

Monsanto is tight with both the Democrat and Republican parties. When the US illegally invaded Iraq in 2004, part of the conditions of our “helping” that country rebuild was that Iraqi farmers plant only Monsanto’s GMO seeds, the kind with the pesticide engineered inside (so that you eat it), the kind the company prosecutes farmers for collecting and trying to replant.

U.S. Government forces Monsanto on Iraqis

Yes, the US Government and Monsanto dictated that in Mesopotamia, where man first tilled the soil thousands of years ago – and so presumably knew something about farming – Iraqi farmers could henceforth sew only GMO seed. They could use only Monsanto or other chemical and biotech business’ poison products; that was the condition for our  “help” in rebuilding the mess we made of their country. By any measure, this forcing them to farm only Monsanto crap is a war crime. The results have been predictably terrible in Iraq’s arid soil. Studies have long shown that GMO seeds need more water, not less, and more pesticide, not less, unlike the promotional brochures’ promise. For many decades, Iraq produced the finest produce in the Middle East, until Monsanto and its toxic glyphosate was forced on the decimated and shell-shocked population.

New World Order for Monsanto

Obama LiarFor the uninitiated, this is how the New World Order works. It uses the US government to wage war, murder a country’s people and leaders, all in order to take their resources (oil, opium, shipping port access, what else you got?) and also make the country safe for Monsanto, Coca-Cola, United Fruit, and other international mega-business concerns. (Required Reading: General Smedley Butler’s War is a Racket).

The NWO uses our military to secure big paydays for military contractors, Monsanto, Big Pharma (it’s the liability-free vaccines, stupid), Wal-Mart and other giant business monsters. The NWO uses our military to do it all in the name of Democracy. It’s a very transparent, duplicitous ploy, and it shows no signs of slowing.

The dark punch line is that not one single country that our CIA and military have been used to destabilize has made a success of any sort of Democracy, which has always been the ruse we operate under. Not Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, The Phillippines, Grenada, Haiti, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lybia, not one single country which we have invaded to “help” has been improved by our “help.”

Murder Inc. – coup d’états r us

In fact, the opposite is true. Since 1953 when CIA pulled its first major coup, orchestrating the overthrow of Iran’s leader and elected government, everything the CIA and US government has meddled in has turned out for the worse for that country. The 1953 Iranian coup d’état was the CIA-orchestrated overthrow of Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh. He had committed the unpardonable sin of imagining his oil should be owned by his people. He sought to audit the documents of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC), a British corporation (now part of BP, which destroyed our Gulf Of Mexico forever, adding Corexit to finish the poisoning job) and to limit the company’s control over Iranian petroleum reserves. When AIOC refused to co-operate with the Iranian government, the parliament (Majlis) voted to nationalize Iran’s oil industry and expel foreign corporate representatives. That triggered a CIA-sponsored bloodbath.

U.S. Oil CIA Ties

Britain instigated a worldwide boycott of Iranian oil, while using Iranian agents to undermine Mosaddegh’s government. In August 2013, 60 years after, CIA finally admitted it was in charge of both the planning and the execution of the Iranian coup, including the bribing of Iranian politicians, security and army high-ranking officials, as well as pro-coup propaganda. The agency justifies it on its web site “as an act of U.S. foreign policy, conceived and approved at the highest levels of government.”

The CIA and US Government pulled a similar trick in 1954, this time with a democratically elected leader. The American version of Murder Inc. (Eh, Michael Hastings?) destroyed the government of Guatemala and orchestrated the murder (falsely ruled a suicide) of its leader, Jacobo Arbenz. The CIA even admits on its own web site that their role in this horror “came to be widely seen as shameful. (The) governments that followed the 1954 coup in the subsequent five decades were far more repressive than Arbenz’s elective government. Even intelligence scholar Christopher Andrew, an Eisenhower admirer, describes the Guatemala affair as a “’disreputable moment.’”

A Disreputable Moment
Hillary Clinton’s Monsanto association has been more than a disreputable moment, but hopefully her pro Monsanto stance takes some of the sting out of her defeat for democrats. If you care about our food supply, care about a government-connected company dictating what kind of food a nation can or cannot grow, her defeat is hopefully some sort of defeat for Monsanto. Maybe Trump will do something about the unconscionable way that FDA was steamrolled by Michael Taylor and other Monsanto-FDA turn-style turncoats who used their positions with FDA and their executive jobs with Monsanto to blur the lines between the fox and the henhouse.




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