Merck Shingles Study fails to show Vaccine worth risks

indexMerck Pharmaceuticals Zostavax shingles vaccine was approved by the FDA based on just two studies, at least one of which fails to show the vaccine is safe or effective at preventing shingles.

Merck’s ZEST study was based on 19,000 people each in a vaccine arm and a placebo arm.  The author of the study used it to claim that the shingles vaccine worked 51% of the time, which, if you’re keeping score at home, means it failed 49% of the time. In addition to its questionable efficacy compared with the placebo group, another problem, says Dr. John Bergman, who examined all the data, is that we have no idea what was in the placebo.

The CDC Web site gives this data for Herpes Zoster and Shingles:

•  approx. 1 million people develop herpes zoster
•  200,000 develop postherpetic neuralgia (redness, swelling, etc.)
•  less than 10% under 60 develop postherpetic neuralgia
•  disease incident 20-30% over 60
•  vaccine “works” about 55% of the time
•  99% of shingles patients have only 1 eipisode

Dr. Bergman Recaps this mystery data. Of some 300,000,000 Americans:

•  1,000,000 will get herpes zoster (1 in 300)
•  200,000 (20%) will get postherpetic neuralgia
•  100,000 may be helped by the shot – .003% (emphasis ours)
•  of those, 99% will have 1 occurrence
•  $150-$300 per shot

We do know what causes shingles flareup

And who are those 200,000 who might get shingles? The CDC claims we don’t know what causes the herpes zoster to reactivate in anyone who may have had chickenpox. This is simply not true. We know exactly what causes the virus that causes shingles to reactivate.

What activates the virus that causes shingles?

This is the real question. We know the virus that causes shingles is activated mainly in people over 60. Many that age have immune suppressed systems, for reasons discussed below.

We also know that many therapies are deliberately designed to suppress the immune system. Many people over 60 are taking those therapies which suppress the immune system: cortizone (steroids), medications for organ or bone marrow transplants, Crohn’s disease, splenectomy, radiation, chemotherapy, lupus. Others over 60 may have natural immunosuppression from malnutrition, many types of cancer, leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, chronic infections. The CDC also tries to blame “aging”  in a large blanket fashion, but Dr. Bergman takes exception with that broad use of language.

Antacids and Shingles

The human stomach produces less acid as a person ages. Many people 60 and over take antacids. The problem with antacids, according to Dr. Bergman, is that anyone taking antacids is  preempting the body’s own need to produce the proper stomach acids that turn food into energy, build muscle, fire the body’s entire natural system. Good body health starts in the stomach with digestion. So aging itself doesn’t cause immunosupression; it’s the medications people take that can preempt and derail life’s natural digestive processes.


Dr. Bergman points out that 19,000 people were in each group of the ZEST study, but we don’t know what ingredients were in the placebo. We have no idea what the 19,000 in the placebo group were given.  Merck arranged the studies. It may have done 15 of them and presented just this one. (One should read Dr. Ben Goldacre’s book Bad Science, which explains how drug companies cherrypick studies they pay for in order to get their drugs and vaccines approved.) Merck’s comparing Zostavax with a placebo is therefore entirely unscientific.

Shingles Vaccine Deaths vs. Placebo Deaths

ZostovaxMerck said 14 deaths occurred 0-42 days postvaccination with Zostavax, while 16 deaths occurred in the placebo group. Why did all these people die within a month and a half of beginning the study?  It is very curious to lose all these people so quickly. One can’t help wondering again what was in that placebo that may have killed all those people so quickly.

Shingles Vaccine Ingredients

We know the shingles vaccine is full of toxic ingredients. We can read them on the labeling. One of those ingredients is well known to be harmful – monosodium glutamate, better known as MSG.

MSG attaches to brain matter. It negatively affects brain function. How is that good for seniors, or anyone else for that matter?  The shingles vaccine also contains residual DNA strands, bovine serum, some form of pig something, and several more questionable edibles.

Must be stored at 5 degrees fahrenheit

The shingles vaccine must be stored just above zero degrees, at 5 degrees farenheit. How often is that most difficult protocol observed, especially in the heat of summer with cross country shipping and a dozen other handling vicissitudes? The shingles vaccine’s toxicity is what causes it to need storing at the specific 5 degrees fahrenheit. But then it has to be defrosted before being administered. It can’t be held at that temp of 5 for more than 30 minutes. That represents a very small window doctors, nurses, Walgreen’s, CVS Pharmacy and other handlers must carefully observe in order to administer the toxic shingles vaccine.

Natural protection vs. Artificial Immunity

There is some good news for those wishing to avoid shingles without chancing the jab that may help some .003% of people injected.  Those who live in a household with kids, for example, are better protected by natural immunity and have lower rates of shingles than those who live in childless households.

How to Avoid Shingles

A 2006 study showed fresh fruit associated with a 300% reduced risk of developing shingles.
People who consume less than one serving of fruit a day had a risk three times (3X) as great as those who consume at least three servings a day. For those 60 and older, vitamins and vegetable intake had a similar association. (Thomas SL, Wheeler JG, Hall AG, 2006 – Micronutrient intake and the risk of herpes zoster, a case-control study.)

Merck Shingles Study fails to show Vaccine worth risks

So does one have a better chance of avoiding shingles (with a vaccine that we know  can give one shingles – it’s in the warnings) by following the research of the author of Merck’s ZEST study, who says he got a 51% success rate (and so a 49% failure rate) with a vaccine that has to be kept at 5 degrees farenheit to work; or is one better off taking some fresh fruit and vegetables every day?

Fruit, Vegetables decrease Shingles Risk

Fruit, vegetables, supplements decrease the risk of shingles. They build the immune system. Immune suppressant drugs tear down the immune system. Also, eating lots of animal products, which can be loaded with steroids, can also lead to suppressed immune system.

Vaccine Theory and Practice

Vaccine shots are touted to build antibodies. Every vaccine builds antibodies (which, by the way, is how “experts” determine that a vaccine “works” – when they see the presence of antibodies); but too many antibodies can damage the immune system. A body loaded with excessive antibodies attacks itself.

Vaccinations and Molecular Mimmicry

Molecular Mimmicry:

•  is an important factor in autoimmune disease
•  was first published in 1985 and since then much more substantial evidence has come to light
•  causes many autoimmune diseases including: diabetes, lupus, scleroderma, rheumatoid   arthritis, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, autism.

Even though the data regarding the evidence between vaccination and auto immune disease is conflicting, some autoimmune phenomena are clearly related to vaccination. (J. Autoimmun 2000. Feb. 14 (1) 1-10.)

Steps to Avoid Shingles

According to Dr. Bergman, there are some proper steps to take if one wishes to avoid shingles. They include:

  • proper nerve supply – get checked for subluxation
  • regular exercise
  • proper nutrition
  • sufficient rest
  • prayer and meditation





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