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$100 Million Mesh Verdict for Delaware Woman

Justice Peaking Blog

May 28, 2015 – A Delaware jury ordered Boston Scientific to pay a woman $100 million in damages today for injuries she suffered from having been implanted with plastic transvaginal mesh.
It was a record amount, surpassing the previous high of $73 million awarded to a Texas woman last Sept. in Dallas. The Delaware jury awarded Deborah Barba $25 million in …

Next Pelvic Mesh Trial for Matthews & Associates


The country’s next pelvic mesh trial in the country will be tried by Matthews & Associates Law Firm of Houston. It will be the fourth such trial handled by the firm, which has won jury verdicts for plaintiffs in each of its three prior transvaginal mesh trials, along with lawyers from Freese & Goss.
Ramirez vs. Johnson & Johnson
Ramirez vs. Johnson …

Actos Settlement $2.4 Billion


An Actos settlement of $2.4 billion to pay some 9,000 cases brought by U.S. citizens who allege Actos’ maker Takeda concealed the drug’s cancer risks. Actos is a diabetes medicine sold by the Osaka, Japan company. Takeda lost five lawsuits in which plaintiffs charged that Actos raised the risk of bladder cancer, including one case in which a jury …

Benicar Lawsuits centralized in New Jersey


A panel of federal judges has centralized 15 Benicar Lawsuits against Daiichi Sankyo and Forest Laboratories in New Jersey federal court. Plaintiffs in these cases allege Benicar caused them severe gastrointestinal injuries which include chronic diarrhea, malnutrition, dehydration and sprue-like enteropathy.
Benicar Lawsuit Evaluation
If you or a loved one has been injured by the side effects of Benicar (olmesartan), contact our …

Johnson & Johnson alleges Fraud in Massive Pelvic Mesh Filings


Johnson & Johnson and Ethicon  filed a motion in the pelvic mesh MDL in West Virginia alleging, among other things, that there is a direct relationship between the number of filings in the MDL and the inappropriate direct solicitation of women by unscrupulous groups and individuals. Based on these alleged solicitations, Ethicon suggested to the Court that many of the …

Teva’s Generic Profits rival Drug Brands


Supreme Court Rules Generic Drugs are not Equivalent
With help from five corporate champions that sit on the U.S. Supreme Court, generic drug giant Teva has cracked the world’s top ten drug makers in profits. The world’s largest generic drug maker, however, falls far shy of the top ten list for drug companies that are treated like most adults, those that …

CT Scans deliver Dangerous Radiation


Because heavy doses of ionizing radiation are known to cause leukemia and other cancers, a new study shows that CT scans may not be the best diagnostic tool for doctors. The federally funded, $40 million study shows that people who receive a heart CT scan to investigate chest pain have no less risk of dying or being hospitalized months afterwards …

Johnson & Johnson sells Contaminated Children’s Tylenol


A Johnson & Johnson unit plead guilty March 10, 2015 to selling children’s medications contaminated with metal particles and other toxic substances including nickel, iron and chromium. J&J and McNeil-PPC Inc. agreed to pay $20 million in criminal fines in addition to the guilty plea for selling contaminated children’s versions of over-the-counter medications including Tylenol and Motrin.
J&J consistently fails its …

Johnson & Johnson hit with $5.7 Million Pelvic Mesh Verdict


Johnson & Johnson and Ethicon lost a $5.7 million jury verdict in Bakersfield, Calif. today, March 5, 2015. A jury of 12 awarded plaintiff Coleen Perry $700,000 in actual damages and $5 million in punitives after three days of  deliberation following a two-month trial. It was the fourth pelvic mesh jury trial which ended in jurors awarding more than $1 …

Zofran Birth Defect Risks


The anti-nausea drug Zofran increases birth defect risks, including heart defects, cleft lip and cleft palate. The FDA has not approved Zofran use for pregnant women. No long-term studies have proven Zofran (generic, Oldansetron) is safe for pregnant mothers. Nevertheless, some doctors continue to prescribe Zofran off-label for severe morning sickness.
Zofran Birth Defect Risks
Though at least one study of Zofran …

Dr. Margolis testifies against Johnson & Johnson

Tom Margolis

Dr. Tom Margolis testified against Johnson & Johnson for the plaintiff, Coleen Perry, on Feb. 10, 2015 in Bakersfield, Calif. in her ongoing trial against the Big Pharma giant and Ethicon.
Through questioning, Dr. Margolis testified that he has performed more than 15,000 female pelvic floor surgeries, some 5,500 for stress urinary incontinence. The plaintiff, Mrs. Perry, had an Ethicon sling …

Plaintiff testifies in Pelvic Mesh Trial against Johnson & Johnson


Defense lawyers for Johnson & Johnson put the con in Ethicon last week. They claimed during opening statement in Perry vs. Ethicon (see the petition) that plaintiff Coleen Perry had contacted lawyers before undergoing additional surgery to have her pelvic mesh sling removed. The cynical implication was clear: she had the sling removed in order to sue the company. But …

Johnson & Johnson faces Mesh Trial in California


Johnson & Johnson faces another pelvic mesh trial in California this week, in Superior Court in Kern County. (See Perry v. Ethicon Petition) The bellwether jury trial in product liability suit alleges that pelvic mesh manufactured by Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon unit was defectively designed and caused injuries after being implanted in plaintiff Colleen Perry. This is the first case …

Transvaginal Mesh Trial for Woman killed by Infection


Jane Akre of Mesh Medical Device News Desk reports from Missouri that Dr. Anne Weber testified this week on day four of the trial of Budke v. Ethicon (Johnson & Johnson). Family survivors of Joan Budke claim Johnson & Johnson’s Prolift pelvic mesh implant led to her death 16 months after the experimental plastic contraption was sewn inside her. Ms. …

Judge urges Mesh Maker to settle Cases


It’s not often that a federal judge urges a defendant to settle cases. But a judge with tens of thousands of cases in his court, a judge with the largest MDL in the history of MDL courts, might be granted some leeway for taking unprecedented action. According to, at a Dec. 9 hearing in Charleston, W. Va., U.S. district …

Xarelto Maker, Marketer fight MDL


Xarelto Maker and Marketer, Bayer AG and Johnson & Johnson, are both resisting the creation of a multi district litigation court (MDL) to handle Xarelto cases. Bloomberg reported last week that Bayer AG and Johnson & Johnson, the companies that make and market Xarelto, respectively, do not want to centralize 50 lawsuits into one federal court under one judge. The …

Boston Scientific loses $18.5 Million Federal Verdict

Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific Corp. (BSX) just lost a transvaginal mesh trial for the second time in two weeks.  In a West Va. federal courtroom on Nov. 20, jurors found the company had sold defective vaginal mesh implants to four women who had brought suit against the company.
Jurors deliberated for more than six hours, then awarded $18.5 million in total damages to …

$27 Million Verdict against Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific

MIAMI — A federal jury in Florida on Nov. 13, 2014 hit Boston Scientific Corp. with a $26.7 million verdict in a trial that featured four women as plaintiffs. All four testified that they were injured by a defective pelvic mesh implant. The nine-person jury in the defective product trial of the women’s pelvic mesh product made by Boston Scientific …

Bankruptcy & your Lawsuit

Lizy Santiago

Many people who have filed a drug injury lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company are also dealing with financial woes. A person with a drug injury case has often sustained substantial medical costs as well as work loss, all of which can lead to near-catastrophic financial difficulties. Many people who find themselves in such a position have consider or will consider …

Transvaginal Mesh Catastrophe


Like many things in this life, the idea of mesh sounds sensible, but the application and reality are not. The idea of mesh is that it is easier to install than it is to simply suture, as was done for 50 years, before a man had a notion to place plastic in women’s vaginas. And because mesh is easier to …

Verdicts Mount to $100 Million against Transvaginal Mesh Makers

Logo Box 2012

Nearly $100 Million in Damages in Six Trials
As six more transvaginal mesh trials are scheduled for the next year around the country, mesh makers can take little solace from the outcomes of six trials won by plaintiffs so far.  Those six alone have rendered nearly $100 million in damage awards for women implanted with the plastic products the manufacturers claim …

Xarelto Dangers rival Pradaxa


Xarelto dangers rival those of Pradaxa, according to an Institute of Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) Report (PDF). Xarelto has even surpassed rival blood thinner Pradaxa for prescriptions written and for its number of severe adverse events reported by users.
ISMP Analysis
After reviewing and analyzing the FDA’s adverse event data, the ISMP states that the number of complaints submitted involving Xarelto surpassed …

MDL in Chicago for Low-T Lawsuits


A Multi District Litigation court is set up when the judiciary is made to believe there will be a great number of related cases in a given litigation. An MDL court can be set up to handle one sole manufacturer – such as cases involving AbbVie Pharmaceuticals, the maker of Androgel – or to handle cases against several manufacturers, such …

Julie Rhoades beats Johnson & Johnson in TVM Skirmish

Julie Rhoades092

DENVER — Matthews & Associates attorney Julie Rhoades battled Johnson & Johnson lawyers at the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals on April 11 and prevailed.
Johnson & Johnson attorneys attempted to remove 650 transvaginal mesh cases from Oklahoma State Court into the federal multi-district litigation court (MDL) set up in West Virginia, where Judge Joseph Goodwin has, thus far, not been …

J & J loses $1.2 million Verdict in Transvaginal Mesh Case

Justice Blind

DALLAS – On Thursday, April 3, a 12-person jury in Dallas ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay a Texas woman $1.2 million for a defective plastic sling – the TVT-O – which J & J’s Ethicon division makes and markets for stress urinary incontinence. Several law firms, including Matthews & Associates and Freese & Goss, represented the woman, Ms. Linda …

Batiste vs. Johnson & Johnson Day 6

Tom Margolis

On Tuesday, March 25, Dr. Tom Margolis testified for the plaintiff, Ms. Batiste, in the sixth day of the trial of Batiste vs. Johnson & Johnson. Ms. Batiste continues to experience pain and dyspareunia which she attributes to her Ethicon sling.  Her case is being heard in the 95th Judicial District Court of Judge Ken Molberg, George L. Allen, Sr. …

JAMA attacked by Testosterone Money


Like mountain goats locking horns to determine supremacy, testosterone battles are raging between researchers not beholden to Big Pharma and researchers who are.
The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that researchers paid by companies promoting testosterone therapy have come out in full-throated attack against a study published in Nov. 2013 in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). The study …

Attorney General asked to investigate J & J


Johnson & Johnson destroyed perhaps hundreds of thousands of pages of documents as well as computer hard drives after the company was notified that it needed to preserve them for ongoing TransVaginal Mesh Litigation.
A consumer group, Corporate Action Network (CAN) has now responded to the company’s illegal destruction by asking the Department of Justice (DOJ) to launch an investigation into …

Ethicon TransVaginal Mesh Trial in Dallas – Day 2


Wednesday, March 19 marked the second day of an Ethicon TransVaginal Mesh Trial in Dallas. A 64-year-old Texas woman’s lawsuit was  brought against Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon division. The woman underwent two revision surgeries after being implanted in 2011 with a transvaginal mesh sling – the TVT-O – made by Ethicon. She continues to experience pain and dyspareunia (pain during …

Transvaginal Mesh Trial Opens in Dallas

Justice Blind

DALLAS, TEXAS — Within view of the infamous Dealey Plaza – where President John F. Kennedy was ambushed by several gunmen 50 years ago – in a courtroom on the 6th floor of what locals call the “New Tower,” a Texas woman who claims she was injured by plastic mesh sewn into pelvic muscles in her vagina had her first …

Transvaginal Mesh Trial in Dallas this week


A Transvaginal Mesh Trial in Dallas this week will be prosecuted by Texas attorneys from Dallas and Houston.
Tomorrow, March 18, jurors will hear opening arguments  in a Transvaginal Mesh Trial in a Dallas courtroom.  The plaintiff, a 61-year-old Texas woman, will be represented by Freese & Goss, with assistance from Matthews & Associates and Dallas attorney Rich Capshaw. This case …

Topamax Jury Verdict for $3 Million


PHILADELPHIA – On Friday, March 7, after a four-week trial interrupted by several winter storms, a 12-person jury awarded a 5-year-old girl $3 million for a severe bilateral cleft lip and cleft palate caused by the drug Topamax. The little girl has so far undergone 14 procedures, including four surgeries, to correct her birth defects.
The manufacturer of the drug, Janssen, …

Johnson & Johnson illegally destroyed Transvaginal Mesh Evidence


The evidence is in: J & J destroyed thousands of mesh documents it had been ordered to retain.

J&J’s Ethicon unit, which made Gynecare Prolift and TVT Retro-pubic meshes, lost or destroyed thousands of documents (amounting to more than 600 pounds) as well as computer files relevant to the development of the devices as far back as 2007, said a U.S. …

Androgel Pay to Delay Lawsuit allowed by Supreme Court

androgel picture

Supreme Court: FTC can challenge Pay to Delay Schemes
An Androgel pay to delay lawsuit was at the center of a Supreme Court case decided last summer which could eventually affect many other drug cases. The Federal Trade Commission sued the drug maker Solvay over a pay-to-delay play the company tried to make with Androgel.
Pay to Delay Scheme
Solvay and other brand-name …

Abbott Androgel Lawsuit

androgel picture

An Abbott Androgel Lawsuit was filed this week in federal court by Stephen Benn against Abbott Laboratories and Abbvie, the makers and distributors of Androgel.
The companies advertised to convince millions of men that natural aging – mood swings, slowing down, lowered libido, that sort of thing – is a sign of testosterone deficiency and can be solved with a testosterone …

Testosterone Lawsuit in Supreme Court

androgel picture

A Testosterone Lawsuit in Supreme Court is the subject of a pay to delay case. In March 2013 the U.S. Supreme Court heard a case that concerns most Americans and most of Big Pharma. Like brand-name drug “preemption,” which insulates drug makers from liability lawsuits, as well as the duplicitously titled  “Citizen’s United” decision and many others in recent history, …

Topamax Verdicts for Plaintiffs


Two Topamax verdicts for plaintiffs came last year. Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Pharmaceuticals was ordered by a Philadelphia jury in November 2013 to pay $11 million for a case involving the anti-seizure drug Topamax and birth defects; and in a case the month before, a jury ordered the company to pay $4.02 million for a similar Topamax birth defects case.
Jurors …

First Transvaginal Mesh Trial against J & J


Johnson & Johnson TVT Case set for W. Va. MDL

The first transvaginal mesh trial against J & J for a suburethral sling product will be jointly tried by Matthews & Associates and Freese & Goss. The trial is set to begin Feb. 10, 2014 in the multi-district litigation court (MDL) in Charleston, West Virginia.
The case involves a Texas woman who …

Transvaginal Mesh Doctors’ Conflicts of Interest

money image

Transvaginal Mesh doctors’ conflicts of interest could be dramatically impacting women’s healthcare.
We start with a simple premise: If a urogynecologist has a potential conflict of interest regarding the use of synthetic mesh as a treatment option for stress urinary incontinence (SUI), that doctor’s patients have a right to know about that potential conflict. Unfortunately, these conflicts are seldom, if ever, …

Risperdal lawsuit documents could be sealed


Important Risperdal lawsuit documents could be sealed if the manufacturer of the drug has its way with the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas.
One of Johnson & Johnson’s latest moves in the company’s ongoing fight to defend its research and promotion of Risperdal is to hide its research and promotion. The company is claiming – in the Philadelphia County Court …

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